A/C Coils

DOLPHIN does complete designing and production of comprehensive varieties of HVAC Coils, customized to the customer’s unique requirements. We provide

   ►  Condenser & Evaporator Coils

   ►  Cooling Coils

   ►  Heating Coils

   ►  Steam Coils

   ►  Air Charge Coils

   ►  Genset cooling coils

   ►  Industrial cooling coils

   ►  Multi range of tube & fin types

   ►  Quality raw materials

   ►  Latest technology machineries

   ►  With Thermoguard, Heresite anti-corrosive coatings

   ►  Can manufacture heat exchangers up to 13 meters in length

   ►  Supplied  to Dry Air Liquid Coolers and Air Cooled Condenser manufacturers worldwide.


Our coils are used for different applications which include, 

   ►  Various types of fluid mixtures and chemicals ( Heating and cooling coils )

   ►  Various types of fluids ( Steam coils and air charge coils )

   ►  Various types of liquids ( Chilled water / glycol coils and Hot water / glycol coils )

   ►  Various types of refrigerants ( Condenser and Evaporator coils ) 







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