Combi Coolers

combi coolers

The aluminium charge air cooler (CAC) is becoming a popular and common in the O.E.M and aftermarket. Dolphin CAC cools supercharged air coming from the engine’s turbo while still meeting inlet air requirements. Available in multi pattern aluminium brazed construction style. Dolphin charge air coolers are manufactured as a vacuum brazed in all aluminium construction.

The charge air cooler core is assembled from component tubes, fins and internal fins. This assembly is then vacuum brazed together forming a single piece core. The resulting structure is tremendously strong due to the reinforcement provided by the external and internal fins. After the charge air cooler is assembled and brazed, the end tanks (or manifolds) are welded on to the core.

The welding process provides a means of attachment which is as strong as the aluminium itself. The fins are designed to trip the boundary layer of the air flow over them, thus reducing the thickness of the boundary layer and enhancing heat transfer.


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