Heating And Cooling Coils

DOLPHIN heating / steam coils are constructed for suitable steam or hot fluids at high pressures. Standard configurations, as well as special arrangements are available.

Heating coils typically feature steam/ hot fluid supply header and condensed return headers and connections on opposite sides of the coil. Hot fluid supply connections are typically placed centrally on the supply header, with the condensed return connections typically placed at the bottom of the return header providing self-draining.  

Our Heating coils are specifically designed with condensation management system design keeping in mind. Tube and connection sizes are combined to limit condensed retention in the coil. Carefully sized orifices are located in each of the core tube entrances into the header. Dual-tube coils utilize a smaller inner tube, with precisely spaced, directional, orifice-type perforations. 

This helps to direct condensed flow to the return header. The steam supply, condensed-return headers, and connections may be fabricated in ‘same-end’ or ‘opposite-end’ orientation.

With a complete range of cold water and fluid coils, our range is capable of utilizing water, glycol solutions, ground water and other fluids. Standard chilled water cooling and hot water heating coils may also be manufactured to client specifications.

Booster coils built with either flanged or slip-and-drive casings are also available. These coils are commonly duct-mounted or used within VAV units for low-capacity reheat applications. Booster coils are constructed without headers, in either one or two circuit configurations.

Fluid coolers for oil, after cooling, and special purpose cooling can be designed to customer’s exact project requirements. Blast coolers, are a fast and efficient way of rejecting heat from process fluids before further cooling. These cooling coils are used in various engineering industrial, marine, hotel and commercial applications. Our cooling coils are widely used for remote type power generator engine cooling systems as well.

DOLPHIN has the facility to manufacture cold / heat recovery (run-around) coils as they are an effective way to reclaim waste or process heat / cold that would otherwise be lost, providing valuable operating cost savings. The special types of inner grooved or capillary tubes are used for effective condensing and evaporative processes.



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